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Did you know....?

An ingrowing toenail on the big toe is an indicator of headaches or migraines.

Shoes worn down on the heel can mean kidney/lower back problems

If the small toe is stiff to rotate this can mean a kidney/bladder imbalance

A corn on a toe or on the underside of the foot – where this corn is can be indication of an imbalance within the body i.e. corn of top of the 4th toe relates to the gall bladder.

Case Histories

I have been rewarded time and time again by seeing the many physical and psychological benefits received by my clients such as those summarised below.

  • Claire
  • Helen
  • Wendy
  • Ken

I consider myself to be quite a healthy individual but I have suffered with Psoriasis for over 24 years, I also have regular Migraines and allergies such as Hay Fever.

claireFrom the first session Sue made me feel calm and relaxed, I always felt as if she was taking care of me and almost that I was receiving a fully body MOT.

Since the first session I have slept like a log almost every night, when for years I have had problems sleeping through the night. The Reflexology has also helped with lots of emotional issues which, I believe, in turn, helped the healing process of my Psoriasis, which although initially it appeared to get slightly worse, has now almost completely disappeared.

I can highly recommend Sue and found her Reflexology sessions to be very relaxing. I will continue to have regular sessions with Sue to keep my body in tip top condition.

Claire, 39 years
Local Government Officer

reflexology chairSince I started receiving Reflexology the symptoms I experience of PMT are much reduced – cramps are not so painful and I do not feel so tired and irritable each month.

It is so convenient to be able to have the treatment within my own home, where I can be totally relaxed. Sue brings with her a special reflexology chair upon which you recline, whilst undergoing the treatment, and upon which I could happily spend the afternoon not just the hour.

The effects of Reflexology are certainly beneficial to me.


wendyThe five sessions of Reflexology have been extremely beneficial to me.

My immune system is much stronger - this has been very evident this term as we have had many bugs flying around the school.

My hot flushes and restless nights have diminished and my energy levels have increased.

Teaching Assistant


kenAs a sufferer from Parkinson’s Disease and Arthritis I have appreciated the treatments of Reflexology over the 6 months with a continuing programme of monthly appointments.

Although these conditions may not be cured I have benefited from a feeling of well being from the treatments. My feet have a great feeling of rejuvenation and I feel nicely relaxed.

Ken 81 yrs





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